Monday, August 22, 2011

Walking Into Eternity

"Am I walking into eternity along Sandymount strand?"
James Joyce, ULYSSES, Episode 3, Proteus


michael said...

I vividly recall my frist reading of Proteus. It was so extraordinary. The prose put me in an altered state and the incredible mind of Stephen, his knowledge, the way his mind worked, made me search into secondary and tertiary sources (this was pre-Internet days) just to inform myself what he was thinking about. The bits about the history of heresies was fruitful and I have made a study of the topic from that point on.

Joseph Campbell once talked about his first reading of Ulysses and when he got to "Ineluctable modality of the visible, " he realized he had found a text he didn't understand, and a lit a major fire for him.

I saw this psychedelic post a couple days ago and since then I've started yet another reading of Ulysses. You two are have maybe the consistently trippiest blog I've ever seen, a blog that RAW would've followed for sure!

Bogus Magus said...

Thanks, Michael!
I have to say that Bobby's art makes this place shine. I tend to humble wordplay and random image searching to illustrate them (with almost total indifference to copyright issues).
I guess we two do tend to keep it rolling, but in fact we have a few other contributor/conspirators (e.g. Borsky, DJ Fly Agaric, etc.)who add further colour and range to the posts.
The whole thing started as spin-off expression of the inspiration we all felt, doing classes with RAW. Me personally, I hadn't felt so much part of a team of wildly different but like-minded people for a long time. Since he died several of us have stayed in touch, even organised face-to-face meet-ups in Europe, but many have gone their separate ways. I do quite like having this archive that goes back to 2005. I still enjoy browsing our past times.
I read Ulysses for the first time in 1970, in Paris, starved of the English language and squatting a bohemian artist's garret. It seemed appropriate at the time. What joy to find myself able to discuss Joyce with smart people at last! It had seemed a private pleasure.

And I have taken to reading your blog pretty regularly, so the sense of the value of creative blogging continues.

Unknown said...

Limits of the diaphane you jejune Jesuits, Thalatta!Thalatta!


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