Thursday, March 24, 2011

Digital natives and digital immigrants

This blog has now run for a few years, and (in my eyes) has lots of interesting stuff for you to dig around in - not all of it out-of-date, or too limited to the interests of a small group.

I just clicked on Douglas Rushkoff's blog link (right hand of the screen) - and then spent the best part of an hour enjoying his company. You don't have to agree with everything he says, but he sure makes you think (if you enjoy thinking).

So I watched him addressing the Google crew (a tough audience in many ways) on the subject of "Don't give Up On the Humans" - after I clicked on the slightly more paranoid title of "Program or be Programmed". If you have 50 minutes to concentrate, you might enjoy this entertaining speaker...

Yeah, at 65, I come from the analogue age, which makes me a digital immigrant...

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