Monday, August 16, 2010

The Holy Bible, in E-Prime

I stumbled upon this today and thought readers of this blog might find it of interest-

Dr. David F. Maas began composing the New American Standard Bible in E-Prime in February 2009 and published the version below on the Institute of General Semantics website in July 2010.

I still consider E-Prime the Swiss Army Knife in my toolkit. Wonder what might happen if I could get an E-Primed bible in the hands of every Christian in amurika...?

imagine a world where maybelogic and e-prime becom the norm

imagine a world with the pope saying "maybe an ordained priest can turn
a piece of bread into the body of a dead Jew but the priest needs a Willy
for the magick to work"

imagine Jerry Falwell bellowing "maybe Jesus hates gay people as
mch as i do"

imagine a rabbi chanting "Hear O Israel:the Lord God seems one, maybe"

imagine every tower in Islam resounding with "There
'is' no god except maybe Allah and maybe Mohammed 'is'
his prophet"

The world might go stark staring sane?

- Robert Anton Wilson, Quantum Psychology Course, Maybe Logic Academy, 13 January 2005


Universal Life Church said...

Kudos to E-Prime
~ Brother Michael
Universal Life Church

Maxwell Smart said... & let you search/study/read the Bible(s) online.

Universal One Church said...

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