Tuesday, January 19, 2010





Adam Scheishaupt said...

totally off topic but ive been trying to register at maybe logic academy for MONTHS and i cant seem to do it... the fact that i cant find contact information there either doesnt help. anyone have any suggestions?

Bogus Magus said...

Hi Adam

the MLA forum got very weird at one time (its fifth incarnation, I think) and the functionality sucked.

Sombunall of us complained for a while, and then migrated away to Tribe, and our own Wikis and such.

Recently they did do some upgrading and so on, but it seems seriously neglected.

I'll email the last guy I know who had admin rights, and who might have a suggestion.

Sorry to hear you can't get in!

Bogus Magus said...

Having said that, I went over to Register a test, and got straight in, so now I have a third sub-personality! :-(

What problem did you have?

I registered, gave it a 'real name' (heh) and a User Name, email and password, and then it said OK, you can login now.

I didn't even have to wait for a confirming email.

Adam Scheishaupt said...

thats AMAZING! i just made my 5th profile and it actually worked! i have NEVER gotten to an actual profile page before. law of fives at work... i love it! thanks for your help bogus magus, i was just about to give up, you rule!

Bogus Magus said...

Glad it worked, however these things work!
About a couple of dozen (maybe 23) regulars, and a lot of irregulars studied with RAW there, but after he died it got a bit scattered (natural life cycle?)
Half a dozen carry on over there, but some of us got tired of reading grey on black, having to use BB Code, and all that, so another half dozen you will find over at Tale of the Tribe (that Bobby Campbell set up) which gives us a better set of tools to play with.
We have always tended to cooperate and collaborate rather than get into flame wars and such. We even managed to produce 14 editions of an online magazine MQ which I enjoyed. We also made one hard copy edition, and if you email me a mailing address at bogusm@gmail.com I can send you a couple of copies.


Alias Bogus said...

This sound mix gets described this way, here

An audio recording version of McLuhan's famous work was made by Columbia Records in the late 1960s. The recording consists of a pastiche of statements made by McLuhan interrupted by other speakers. You hear people speaking in various phonations and falsettos, discordant sounds and 1960s incidental music in what could be considered a deliberate attempt to translate the disconnected images seen on TV into an audio format, resulting in the prevention of a connected stream of conscious thought. Various audio recording techniques and statements are used to illustrate the relationship between spoken, literary speech and the characteristics of electronic audio media. McLuhan biographer Philip Marchand called the recording "the 1967 equivalent of a McLuhan video."

Bogus Magus said...

His last book, The Laws of Media, tried to summarize and systematize his ideas.

This website may give you a way in.


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