Thursday, October 29, 2009

Our Historys Back: A Box-book cover.

In a flash of inspiration, I just crawled off my laptop, and made some cover-artwork for my project OUR HISTORYS BACK.

And... thought I might share some photo's I just snapped a minute ago. I cut up some back issues of TIME magazine that I had knocking around my apartment, one's that I rescued from work. I found the 'watch-adverts' attractive, with cogs and wheels and dials, and so I soon came up with a concept including ref/ to the 1936 Games - where most of the story is based around.

I should probably now make a drawing of these photographs or something, as I feel I cheated a little bit by cutting out pictures from TIME magazine - and some others books. I had fun anyhow...

1 comment:

Bobby Campbell said...

That's totally awesome, Fly!!

I think collage is a legitimate art form, especially given the context, it actually makes more sense (to me) to mash up actual pictures from the public record.


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