Sunday, May 31, 2009


RAW E-Bay Auction

I currently have the highest bid on the RAW/Harvey drawing I gave Mr. Wilson when I was 23. Please feel free to outbid me or even just jack up the price, its all for a great cause!

"This is a wonderful original drawing on cardboard stock of Bob and the "Pooka." It was drawn by a friend, and was much loved and hung in various places on the livingroom wall. There is scotch tape on the edges (Bob's favorite method of hanging...) which could be removed carefully. Or, by putting a frame with a matte to cover the tape, you would have a really remarkable "one of a kind" RAW Artifact. it measures 17 inches high and 11 inches wide."


The Purple Gooroo said...

Just bid on RAW's fave pillow! Yay!

daytripper said...

I wish I was employed to bid on something from Bob's house. I haven't checked your blog in a bit, great news about the new website!

Anonymous said...

the 23 enigma continues on!


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