Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I hope the Equinox finds you well

In the UK - after the worst ever summer (except for Chris M, and others who don't like heat) we have had a burst of warmth and sunlight (even if the sun goes down early).

Locals call it an 'Indian Summer' - a phrase that probably dates back to the British Empire (Raj) - but we might have to accept that you don't need to live so close to the equator any more...

Anyway - the Equinox arrived again, and again we don't have an online magazine to show you.

We missed it in the summer, but had found ourselves working on producing a hard copy version of the magazine...now we missed the Fall Equinox...and we don't have Kent with us any more to remind us of the importance of ritual. Fair forward traveller! (Kent edited the first few editions, but gave up his battle with his bodymind recently).

I keep getting encouragement to move myself and migrate to using the Only Maybe integrated into the Maybe Logic Academy. I like the idea, but feel too busy to learn to use Mojoblog, something devised by one person - when Blogger has served so well as a provider.

I have too many new things to learn right now. One day, maybe.

Anyway, here's the Autumn Equinox in the UK (Silbury Hill) as imagined by Ric Kemp over at Knowth.com (used without permission - so go visit and see the other seven paintings, why not?)


Anonymous said...

Hey bogus!

I hope this blog here stays around and keeps getting posted to... personally I saw this place as just outside space for maybes, and as such, shouldn't it be outside the MLA?

Bogus Magus said...

Well, Bobby and I took the MLA logo off it, and added our own personal ones (I stole Duchamp's 'Fountain' for now - to go with my R Mutt sub-personality) - as an indication that we remain independent of the MLA as 'graduates'.

The real confusion arises from the Academy using the same name for the blog inside the campus!

As the internal one uses Mojoblog (designed by one person, and with less tools) I tend to stay here in Blogger - housed on the Google server farms, supported by user groups and forums and Help and...

Well, you get the picture (oh, and yes, they store the pictures here, rather than having to use ImageShack and then link to there, etc).

So I guess I (for one) will still use this place regularly (I don't really mind the confusion of names - Hail Eris!)

If it gets weird we may become the 'original OM' or some such...


Unknown said...

Is Kent no longer on the physical plane? It's been awhile since I've seen updates on any of his blog sites but I figured he was gathering his forces and the like...

I'm saddened if that's the case.

and yeah - keep this blog going!



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