Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Note to Contributors

It appears that Blogger and Google have a beta test going on - which led to some strange behaviour by the system when I tried to log in today.

In the long run we will get a more flexible blog layout, greater security, etc - but for now you get challenged that you will need a 'Google Account' in order to use blogger...

If you form part of the paranoid gang (about integrated services, and monopolies, etc) then you may not like this trend, but we could always reposition ourselves later.

As it happens, I jumped through the hoops only to get told that they didn't need to upgrade me just yet...So I just wanted to let you know you might experience strange behaviour from the Blogger login page.

The Google account you will need (eventually) does not include a Gmail (google email) account - but if you would like one (and it hasn't become available in your area yet) then contact me through the forum, as I have plenty of spare invites - I have beta tested Gmail for more than a year already, and I like it.

COURSES: don't forget that courses keep happening, you can still get onto David Jay Brown's course on The Science of Sex and Drugs, which started this week.

6 week course from August 14 - Sept 24
For more information, please visit

Antero Alli will reprise his 8-Circuit course starting on September 25th.

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