Thursday, November 10, 2005

An Open and Shut Case

Consider the door that Marcel Duchamp built at 11, Rue Larrey. It’s set on a hinge with two doorways at right angles to it. Such that whenever it is closed, it is also open. Duchamp’s door is a good place to start, when thinking in new ways about apertures. It can only grant selective privacy and it plays with the idea of what a door is supposed to do. It makes you conscious of the fact that shutting a door is not a neutral action.

Door: II, rue Larrey, 1927

Somehow (time zones or parallel universes) I seem to have posted a response to ptf's poem BEFORE his post. Bizarre, but somehow appropriate...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do you have a REUM?

borsky said...

I forgot about Duchamp's door! Back in my schooldays for interior architecture I made 'exercises of style' with all kinda non-classical ways of opening and closing spaces. I'll look it up. Thanks Bogus, you keep offering me new doorways in my reality-tunnel!


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