Saturday, March 22, 2008

One More Time...

The latest edition of Maybe Quarterly comes stumbling into the light
Volume 5 Issue 1
Spring Equinox 2008
• Cough It Up • Fattening Flies For Frogs For Snakes • Maybe Astrologics • How Scrappy The Dog Became Schroedinger's Cat • The State Of The Art• Teo Macero And The Art Of The Cut-Up • Khizr Kachoo • 1 Saturn• After the Tricycle It Comes Always The Bicycle • The Living One

If you want to explore the MQ archives - please use these links to visit previous editions:

Vol. 1 - Issue 1 / Winter Solstice 2004
Cover art by Nick Helwig-Larsen
Edited by Kentroversy• MQ Mission Statement • Editor Welcome • Hocium Pokium• Crowley's Cat • Ellipses vs Spheres • MQ RAW Interview • Involution• Cellular Criticism• Conspiracy, Coincidance & Code • Creating the Center of the World • You Might Call Her Tiamat • Lamen and Sigil 741• Start of a War • Occult Theocracy• The End of 18 • Canto XXII & The Waste Land as Modern Infernos • HOLeY BIBLE• Believe That, and You'll Believe Anything• Are U, R?• My Stumblings in Chapel Perilous• Untitled 1.0 • MQ Colophon

Vol. 2 - Issue 1 / Spring Equinox 2005
MQ#2 Cover Art by Nemo
Edited by Kentroversy
• Leroy Valentine• Agent of Evolution• Fires Burn Dead Would• Self As Metaprogrammer • I've Made My Bed• HOLeY Bible, Part 2• Four Steps Forward• Plato Play-Doh• Kevin Booth Talks About Bill Hicks• Escape Velocity• Spaceship of Consciousness• New Game Rules• Wu Wei• Prose Logic• Lamen and Sigil 741: A New Magickal Life• The Dream Quest • Maybe Quarterly Submission Guidelines• Colophon

Vol. 2 - Issue 2 / Summer Solstice 2005
MQ#3 Cover Art by Bobby
Edited by Kentroversy

Vol 2 - Issue 3 / Autumn Equinox 2005
MQ #4 Cover Art by Zachariah Hoffman West
under new anarcho-syndicalist editorship (whatever that means) particular thanks to Acrillic...• Editor Welcome • History Plurality• Time• Disneyland Memorial nety • A Painter Ponders• EKozmic Renaissance Interview • Why Trance • Departure • MLA Chaos Magic • Jazz Octave • Time Piece • 17th September 2001• Autumnal Angel • The Magick of Maybe • In the Windows of My Youth• Four Seasons • New Science of HipHop Culture

Vol 2 - Issue 4 / Winter Solstice 2005
MQ#5 Cover Art by Bobby Campbell
Wrangling by BogusMagus

Volume 3 - Issue 1 Spring Equinox 2006
MQ#6 Freeform editor FlyAgaric23
Cover Art by Chu

Volume 3 - Issue 2 Summer Solstice 2006
MQ#7 Cover Art by Betty DeRespino

• Pookie • Peter Carroll Interview • Neurotarot • Unfamiliar Places • Pinchbeck Interview • Giving Cynicism A Bad Name • Some People's Kids • Howordz Way • Freeman Perspective • Phaistos Comic • Miscellanous Chaos

Volume 3 - Issue 3 Autumn Equinox 2006
MQ#8 Cover Art by Antonija Anic-Antic
• Robert Anton Wilson Meets Fly • McLuhan • Psychedelic Experiments• Some People's Kids • Thelema Coast To Coast • Digital Time Capsules • MiniProp • Self Portrait Card Game• Code-Breaker Interview • Putiphars Azenine Garden • Rare Crowleyana Reviewed • War In The Sun • Canto LXVI Hyperlinked

Volume 3 - Issue 4 Winter Solstice 2006
MQ#9 Cover Art by Bobby Campbell
• Just Like Everyone Else• Hands In Solemn Praise• What Rough Magic• Liber Al Commentary 1• World Piss• Some People's Kids III• Coming Round Again • All You Can Be • Interview With God • Virgin & Pigeon

Volume 4 - Issue 1 / Spring Equinox 2007
MQ#10 Cover Art by borsky
Special RAW Meme-orial edition
• A Little Light • Bob Haiku• Ewige Bloom and Craft • Flights • What About Bob? • In Memoriam • RAW E-mail Exchange • RAW RIP • A RAW Stone • Patapsychology & Maybe Logic • RAW Data Comments• London RAW Wake

sombunall MQ10 music by Trimtabulous Cabal / Kokopelli Foundation

dove sta memora
Volume 4 - Issue 2 / Summer Solstice 2007
MQ#11 Cover Art by Fly 23• Inundation of the Nile• A MLA Primer V.1 • 5 Haikus for RAW • Hondo's Big Sister • The Mind Playing Tricks On Itself• Work of the Tribe 001 • Big Justice • Inspired by the structural analysis in von Neumann and Mnetenstern's Theory of Games and Economic Behavior Mirror

Volume 4 - Issue 3 - Autumn Equinox 07
MQ#12 Cover Art by Bobby Campbell
• Bhumi Sparsa • Nine Characters in Search of an Author • None-Word Sense • F For Fake Reviewed • The Pelican and the Rose: A Templar Angle • Truth & Soul • Beyond E-Prime • Hermetic Bruges• Ideogrammic Massage for the Universe• 23 x 17• Stagnancy

Volume 4 - Issue 4 - Winter Solstice 07
MQ#13 Cover Art by Purple Gooroo
• Maybe A Metaphor • A Tribute to Robert Anton Wilson• Food Fight • Magical Means • Year One • Flower of Life • PKD Crazy Wisdom Notes • Liber AL vel Lols• For Qu Yuan

MQ#01 MQ#02 MQ#03 MQ#04 MQ#05 MQ#06 MQ#07 MQ#08

MQ#09 MQ#10 MQ#11 MQ#12 MQ#13 (to contents page, not cover) MQ#14


The Purple Gooroo said...

Nice one, Bogus! Must've taken you ages to link to every single piece.

Thanks to all who contributed, and of course, Bobby, for coming through with a cover (again)!

Bogus Magus said...

Thanks PG,

It wasn't quite as much work as it appears - I had done quite a lot of it before, in the II(Imperfect Index), and after that I just lifted the links from the Contents pages of the magazines...

A bit fiddly, but lots of treasure to browse through...

(public network down day, had to find something to do at work) ;-)


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